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6 Office Health Hacks

6 Office Health Hacks


Sitting on a drab chair in a grey office with a flickering
computer screen is not the stuff of an Olympic medalist. Nobody wants to be
indoors all day. But there are some super smart tricks out there that can help you
feel revitalised. So, get ready to shake up your daily slog with our health
kick tips!

200-300-11 Hydrate,
hydrate, hydrate

Move over Kirstie and Phil. It’s not all about your location,
it’s also about hydration. Water is fuel for your body and mind, so it’s crucial
that you don’t bypass it.
Studies suggest that restricting fluids enough to lose just one percent of
body weight can decrease
concentration and alertness. So, just by taking a gulp you’ll feel the difference.

forget to drink?

Bring a
water bottle to work
and mark each hour on every 200ml mark. Every sixty
minutes you’ll know if you’re running dry and need a top-up.

Source: Jewelpie


2 Keep it clean

Do you always wash your hands after going to the loo? Well, a
study found
that as many as one in four of us don’t! To keep the germs at
bay, it’s crucial to keep your workspace clean. At the end of every day, wipe down
your desk with an antibacterial wipe. Let’s be honest, the cleaner won’t always
make it over to you, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Dusty fingers?
Use Sellotape between the nooks and crannies of your keys to pick up the dust
in your keyboard.

Source: Flickr


3 Bring
the outside in

Researchers have
that a touch of greenery can boost productivity by fifteen
percent, with another
study published in 2013 showing that
participants could think more clearly and recall more information when plants were
nearby in an office. You’
ll feel refreshed and
happier with a leafy desk buddy, so make some space for a little pot plant!


Keeping that desk plant thriving is easier said than done.
We’ve all been there – having to say goodbye to a wilted, browning plant.
Instead, try air plants. No water or sun necessary, so you really can’t go

Source: flickr


4 Eat

sandwiches and eight-hour stints on a computer aren’t the stuff of health regimes.
Next time your eyes start to droop? Give your hand a mental slap when it
reaches for the Hobnobs. These fat and sugar-laden foods may seem like a quick
energy fix, but in the long-term, they’ll be adding to that sluggish feeling.
Instead, eat little and often, and eat smart.

Try these fatigue and stress-fighting
snacks for your office drawer:


butter and apple slices

and pumpkin seeds




(especially blueberries)

superfoods are ideal replacements for crisps or biscuits, as they are packed
with vitamin E, zinc and other nutrients that have a positive impact on the
brain. You’ll feel fresher all day. Unfortunately we can’t help with that
birthday cake getting passed around – just reach for your brain-power peanuts!

Source: Flickr


5 Declutter your desk

A tidy work space will declutter your mind as well as your
workload. To avoid dreaded piles of scrunched paper and notes, store your work
in a simple but organised way. Get creative with the way you colour-coordinate.

Source: L’amour
chez nous

6 Deskercise

Granted, you
sit down for eight hours a day, it’s not exactly a full body workout. But you can make huge
leaps in your health with small steps – literally! Taking the stairs at work
for just two minutes can
burn 25 calories. Instead of calling I.T. on floor
two, go and see them! And when it comes to your desk? There are endless ways to
keep your muscles working. Thanks to
How Stuff Works for the exercises.

Calf lifts

– Stand
and hold the back of your chair

– Raise
up on your toes

– Hold
it there for 35 seconds

– Lower
your feet

them again, and repeat six times

Hand squeezes

a fist with your mouse hand and squeeze it tight

for five seconds and release

this eight times

Table pushes

your hands flat underneath your desk, try to push it upwards

this pressure for ten seconds and release

this five times

Leg lifts

both hands faced down on your desk and your back straight, lift your
straightened legs until your toes touch the desk

and lower 30 times

Think you’ll forget to keep it up?
Print off your desk workout and tick it off each day!

Ready to
pump up your day at work? Follow these tips and tell us how it’s going at


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