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Celebrating World Stationery Day 2015

Celebrating World Stationery Day 2015

Whether you’re in the office or at home, how often does a
totally impersonal email land in your inbox? If you’re anything like us,
chances are it’s very often!

While emails may have made our lives easier, we can’t help
but feel like correspondence is somewhat lacking nowadays. In truth, we miss
our pal’s dodgy handwriting and cute little notelets!

That’s why we’re really looking forward to this year’s World
Stationery Day. On April 29th, stationery lovers across the country
will be joining together to celebrate the written word through writing letters
and sending cards.

You can find out more information about the event over at
the official website, but to help
you along with your preparations, we’ve put together this handy guide to
everything you’ll need.


We’ll begin with World Stationery Day’s most essential item:
the pen. For writing letters, signing cards and addressing envelopes, you’ll
need a pen that is more than up to the job.

are a practical option that are renowned for their comfort and
longevity. If you’re looking for something a little fancier, a fountain
is a great choice for older writers. The nib and cartridges can become
a little messy, so it’s best to avoid letting children use them.


Writing paper is another essential. The most practical
option is lined paper, especially for younger writers, as it helps to keep the
prose neat and straight.

However, coloured paper can make your correspondence more attractive.
If you do choose this option, lightly rule feint lines across the page in
pencil. Helping to keep your writing in order, you’ll be able to enjoy the best
of both worlds.


Once you’ve written your letters, you’ll need some envelopes
to send them in. White and brown envelopes can seem a little too professional
and cold for your personal letter, so why not opt for a coloured
instead? Your letter will certainly stand out from the other mail
on the doormat!

Oh, and don’t forget the stamps too!

Craft Supplies

Fancy trying something new during World Stationery Day? Card
making is a great way of letting your creative juices flow and creating
something special for your loved ones.

The kids will love getting involved too – it’s the perfect
way to spend a rainy afternoon! Simply stock up on craft supplies, like
glitter, googly eyes and sequins, and enjoy as your little artists make their

Will you be getting involved
in World Stationery Day? What will you be doing? Let us know in the comments


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