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Choosing your ideal 2015 diary

Choosing your ideal 2015 diary

With a diary, you can easily keep track of appointments, special occasions and work commitments. Unlike phone apps and online calendars, diaries don’t need a charged battery or internet connection to remind you of important dates and times.

Diaries come in lots of different sizes, formats and designs, so check out our 2015 diaries buying guide below for some recommendations.

You…have a busy schedule

If you always have a busy schedule, purchase a diary that provides plenty of writing space for each day. Otherwise, you’ll have to cram in or sacrifice information, reducing the practicality of your diary enormously.

Choose a day-to-view format so you have a page for each day. A4 diaries will of course give most room, but are quite bulky – they’re great for desktops but not handbags. An A5 or A6 is recommended if portability is important to you.

You…are keen to stay organised

Diaries are great for planning your schedule, and often come with reference pages, but if you want more information at your fingertips a personal organiser is the best option.

These planners are small ring binders available with complementary inserts. These inserts-which include diary, calendar, address, notepaper and to-do-list pages – mean you can fully customise your organiser to suit your needs.

Plus, they can be refilled each year, so they can be the economical option. A range of stylish designs are available here at Viking, including smart black leather options perfect for professionals.

You…are in education

Students should purchase an academic diary, which is specially designed for writing down class times, assignments and deadlines. Teachers can keep vital information in one place and organise the year ahead with an academic planner.

You…don’t need much writing space

If you just want a diary to keep track of dentist appointments and the occasional lunch date, choose something compact. A slimline or A6 size diary in week- or two-weeks-to-view format is portable and makes it easy to see what events, such as birthdays, are coming up.

For personal rather than professional use, you can opt for a more fun style. Check out the range of colours and designs available in our range now.

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