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Ever wish your mail was more exciting?

Ever wish your mail was more exciting?


redditgifts began as a worldwide Secret Santa exchange, but has grown into a huge online community that sends and receives presents year-round, based on a variety of themes. Previous exchanges include Halloween, bookmarks, T-shirts, snacks and books.

Around once per month, several themes are revealed and thousands sign up to send and receive a gift. Everyone provides information about themselves and the type of present they would like, to help their Secret Santa. They can request to buy for someone in their country, to reduce delivery costs, but this can’t be guaranteed.

On Match Day, everyone is assigned a giftee and Secret Santa, who remains anonymous. Participants buy a present – the recommended value is $20 (€15), but you can spend whatever you like – and delivers it before the deadline.

One of the greatest things about redditgifts is the Gift Gallery. Here, everyone posts about what they received, so you can thank your Secret Santa and see a message from your giftee.

If you want to get involved, you can sign up for exchanges here.

Pen pals

If you have a long-distance friend, consider writing to each other rather than emailing or texting. This can be more personal, and allows you to send each other small gifts.

Of course, you can make new friends from around the world by finding people on websites like PenPal World. Just make sure to be cautious when sharing your personal information.

Chic Treat Club

Sign up to the Chic Treat Club, and you’ll receive a box filled with five beauty products every month. Previous gifts include Lancôme night cream, Wet n Wild mascara, P20 sunscreen and CND nail polish. It’s €16.95 per month for a rolling monthly subscription, €44.95 for three months upfront, or €89.95 for six months.


Another monthly subscription box, this time sending you quirky presents from indie designers, artists and brands. Gift categories include fun and nostalgia, art, jewellery, home wares, stationery, craft, ladies’ lifestyle, and gentleman’s accessories.

It’s £24 (€30) per month for a rolling monthly subscription, £72 (€90) for three months, £145 (€182) for six months and £285 (€358) for 12 months. Sign up here.

Do you have any tips for making your mail more exciting? What’s the best thing you’ve ever received through the post? Let us know in the comments below!


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