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Office Hacks: Tips for Stress-Free Work

Office Hacks: Tips for Stress-Free Work


Do you feel you’re trying to squeeze in more tasks than there are minutes in the day? Follow our six tips to reduce your stress levels and resume your work in a calmer, happier environment.

Create a positive energy

Cynic or not, many cultures believe in the powers of positive energy. Certain images, minerals, plants and smells encourage a calming environment and supposedly push out negativity. Take the following steps for a peaceful desk setting:

1/ Hang a hamsa hand to bring good luck

2/ Decorate your desk with Pyrite. This iron mineral is said to defend against negative energies

3/ Combat air pollutants with a salt lamp. They attract humidity and are said to increase relaxation.

4/ Use jasmine and frankincense scents to bring calm


Breathe deeply

If you are feeling overwhelmed by a workload, simple breathing exercises can inhibit stress-producing hormones to help you reclaim calm and control over your tasks. Here’s an abdominal breathing exercise to try:

Place one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach

Take a deep breath through your nose

Feel your stomach rise, rather than your chest – this will stretch the lungs more effectively

Repeat with ten deep and slow breaths

To make breathing exercises part of your daily routine, download Headspace. This app will take you through steps of meditation, tracking your progress and allowing you to share with others.


Take breaks

Only three in ten take advantage of their full lunch hour. You may think you’ll achieve more by sticking to your desk all day, but as we’ve discussed before, this is a misconception. Sit at your desk for too long and it becomes harder for your brain to retain new information, not to mention the strain on your eyes and muscles. Taking a break allows you to replenish and work at your most productive level.

Try leaving the office once or twice a week by joining an exercise class. Yoga is a wonderful way of exercising whilst also relaxing. The added bonus is that it’s not a high-intensity exercise, so you won’t be exhausted or sweaty when you get back to your desk.


Cut caffeine

Coffee may seem like the ultimate pick-me-up, but it will also pick up your blood pressure and stress levels. Wean yourself off by trying caffeine free herbal teas, which will be refreshing and warm, without the high doses of caffeine.

Particularly beneficial herbal teas include chamomile, green, peppermint, and pomegranate. With so many options, you’ll easily find a flavour you like. Peppermint tea, for instance, contains the natural stress reliever menthol. Be sure to pick decaffeinated tea leaves, as even some herbal teas contain small doses of stimulant.


Listen to calming music

Copious studies show that certain genres of music have a calming effect. Likewise, upbeat, bass-heavy music can have the counter effect. Take this into account in the office by playing music that is statistically calming.

Your heartbeat has been found to mimic the beats-per-minute of a song, so a song playing at 60bpm is an optimum tempo for a happy and calm working environment. Here are some ideal songs to add your office playlist:

1/ Coldplay – Strawberry Swing

2/ All Saints – Pure Shores

3/ CafĂ© Del Mar – We Can Fly

Dim your screen

A bright computer screen keeps your brain on high alert, but this dose of bluelight can go overboard if you’re staring for hours on end. To make sure a nine-to-five computer job isn’t damaging, use the f.lux programme, which mimics the daylight outside. As the sun begins to set, your screen’s resolution will fluctuate to mirror a slightly dimmer environment.


Follow these steps and share your experiences! Do you have any calming tips to share? Tell us @Viking_Chat

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