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The Viking Office Survival Guide


Recently, we were in the process of updating internal health and safety documents. These documents are very important for the well-being and safety of our staff, however, some members of staff, do not find them very fun. To remedy this, we decided to have some fun, and test whether our employees read all of the way through the new guidelines, by including some very questionable emergency situation advice.

The advice was impossible, improbable, or just plain terrible; and the scenarios ranged from what to do when the floor inexplicably becomes lava, to using the ink of red liquid ink pens to escape a horde of zombies. We then produced illustrations in the same style as our normal emergency procedure instructions.


The campaign was a total success: before long a great number of staff had emailed the HR department asking about the images, and shortly after that, the whole office was talking about the new health and safety guidelines. Which was a fantastic result for the HR department!

Gemma Terrar, European HR Business Partner, said, “when someone in the department suggested this, we knew, without doubt, that we had to do it. Keeping it secret was the hardest part, especially since we had to find someone to help us put the images together. In the end, we were really impressed with the reaction. It really shows that our staff is attentive and invested in everything that goes on here.”

Ruud Linders, SEO & Social Media Marketing Manager Europe, said, “This is another great example of how creative and inventive our employees can be. Now, thanks to the HR department, we all know what to do if vampires attack the office!”

You can see the rest of the images below.


Has your HR department ever done anything inventive or strange to test whether you pay attention to internal updates? If so, let us know on Twitter using @viking_chat

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