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Top tech from CES 2015

Top tech from CES 2015

At the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), thousands of brands unveil their latest gadgets and gizmos designed to make our lives that little bit easier. From the ingenious to the wacky, CES 2015 certainly didn’t disappoint.

It was a tough decision process but we’ve finally whittled our favourites down to just four. Read on to find out what impressed us most this year…

The Dash

Wireless headphones have been available for a while now, but the latest invention by Bragi aims to revolutionise how we listen to music forever.

Named The Dash, Bragi’s latest release is a pair of wireless smart in-ear headphones. What impressed us most about this clever gadget is how it can be used without a smartphone or music player. With 4GB of built-in storage, users can store up to 1,000 songs on the device itself. The touch-sensitive surface makes it easy to skip songs and adjust volume too.

The headphones can also be used as a microphone, Bluetooth headset, fitness tracker and heart-rate monitor. Phew! All of that in a tiny pair of headphones? Where do we sign up?


Offering a number of benefits, many people do yoga to improve posture, build muscle strength and boost their flexibility. However, with a selection of tricky poses, it can be a difficult sport to master.

Working alongside a specially design app, SmartMat has been created to help yoga fanatics get their poses just right. The mat recognises where the user’s hands and feet are, so it is able to offer useful feedback that can help improve their skills.

The mat can be customised to meet your individual abilities and is available to pre-order here.

fre Power

If you’re a smartphone owner, you know just how awful that heart-stopping moment is when you spill a drink near your beloved gadget. Will it still work? Is it okay? Panic no more – LifeProof is here to help.

LifeProof has been creating waterproof smartphone cases for a while now, but their latest unveiling is a real game changer. Titled the fre Power, the waterproof cases feature a built-in battery, helping to up your phone’s charge while you’re out and about. It’s waterproof to 2 metres and protects against snow and dirt.

Unfortunately, the product is not available to buy just yet, but you can sign up for updates over on the LifeProof site.

Sengled Boost

These days, Wi-Fi is an absolute must. In fact, we can barely remember the days when we weren’t connected – the very thought of an area of low signal fills us with dread.

So what if a light bulb is the solution to our connectivity issues? Sengled Boost is a LED bulb that features a built-in Wi-Fi repeater. As well as illuminating the room, the bulbs can enhance internet coverage throughout your home or office. Very impressive!

While we’re still reviewing this year’s show, dates have already been announced for next year’s CES. Running from January 6th-9th in Las Vegas, you can count on us to bring you coverage of the biggest and best products showcased.


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