100 days at Viking: it feels like coming home!

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In February of this year, Simon Kort began working as a Credit Specialist in the Accounts Receivable department at Viking. He knows the company well, having worked for them previously, and after more than ten years, he has started again at his old home base! We ask Simon how it feels to be back again in this blog.

Hey Simon, can you tell us what your role at Viking entails?
Sure! In the position of Credit Specialist, I am responsible for auditing new customers. For example, I assess whether orders can go ahead or whether something is not quite right. I also check whether new customers are solvent and whether their organisation is in good shape. Together with our department, we also ensure timely payment for invoices.

Do you think a lot has changed at Viking now that you’re back?
I previously worked at Viking between 1995 and 2007. So you can safely say that a lot has changed in the meantime, but all positively! There is a new owner, many new faces, and we are working with new systems. You have to adjust for that, but you get used to it quickly.

What do you like best about your daily work?
For me, it is mainly the diversity and variety within my job. That’s also one of the reasons I decided to return to Viking. Although there are many fresh faces, there are also plenty of old acquaintances, so I’m entirely in the right place here!

What is the biggest challenge in the work you do?
The biggest challenge will probably be the transition to the new system. There is training for that, which I attend, and by doing so, I hope to master the system soon enough.

How do you usually start your working day?
At our department, we naturally start every morning with a cup of coffee. And then, we begin assessing the creditworthiness of new customers. Orders are released, and we check which invoices are still open. We will then contact these customers for payment.

You have now worked at Viking for 100 days. How has that been so far?
Time flies extremely fast at Viking! In the beginning, everything was entirely new for me. However, I quickly had the feeling that I was completely in the right place. And yes, it feels familiar, which is nice. It is a pleasure to work with old colleagues again and get to know new colleagues. So, I’m very happy here!

Do you have any wishes for the future?
May we continue to grow! Both as a team, with even more colleagues committed to our customers every day and who welcome new customers. As a result, we ultimately need expansion as a team, which shows healthy growth. We are one team and always help each other out, making the work extra special.