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  • Five Productivity-Boosting Workstation Hacks

    When it comes to office productivity, the working environment itself has a lot to answer for. Healthier, happier employees are the most productive employees and the setting in which you work has a direct effect on productivity. With so many hours spent sitting at a desk, it is essential that[...]
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  • Tomorrow’s Leaders: Katie and Jane from Not Dogs

    Our last instalment of Tomorrow’s Leaders featured the online revision platform Synap and this month we’re speaking to Katie McDermott and Jane Yates about their all veggie food start-up, Not Dogs. We spoke to Katie and Jane about their start-up story, winning the UK’s largest ever seed funding search competition and how they created delicious[...]
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  • How and When to Ask for Feedback

    Feedback is a key aspect of career development and something you should seek regularly if progression is a priority. However, asking your peers for feedback can seem daunting and it’s often easier to sit back and presume that no news is good news. Many employees put off asking for feedback[...]
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  • Tomorrow’s Leaders: James Gupta and Synap

    Last month’s instalment of Tomorrow’s Leaders featured the team from Lifeline 24 and this month we’re speaking to James Gupta about his innovative online revision platform, Synap. We asked James about his start-up journey and how he created what he claims to be the world’s most intelligent study tool. What’s the story of[...]
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