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  • How to Take on a Leadership Role at Work

    Earning a promotion is never an easy thing to achieve and always requires a combination of factors to work in your favour. Some of these are out of your control like those related to budgets and company restructuring, but there is still plenty you can do to make sure you’re making[...]
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  • How to Maximise your Productivity During Work Breaks

    Working long hours without taking a break will no doubt take its toll on your productivity levels and over time can lead to burnout, but taking regular breaks throughout the day can boost both concentration and creativity. A recent study by the Draugiem Group showed that the most productive employees[...]
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  • How to Motivate your Workforce

    Over the last three years we’ve been investigating what makes the British workforce tick. With nine surveys gathering data on topics from mental health support to inspirational office artwork, we’ve developed a strong understanding of what your employees need to perform at their best. Our research has involved almost 14,000[...]
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  • How to Improve Your Work Ethic in Five Steps

    How to Improve Your Work Ethic in Five Steps A strong work ethic doesn’t come naturally for everyone but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it. Displaying a positive set of qualities can help you shoot up the career ladder and build the professional reputation you’ve always wanted. After all,[...]
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    In July’s Tomorrow’s Leaders we caught up with Stuart McClure from This month, we are talking to Libby James, co-founder of Merchant Advice Service about how she got where she is, what her greatest achievements have been and if she has any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs to help them[...]
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  • 6 Great Tips for Email Etiquette

    Email is a great way of communicating clearly and concisely with colleagues and clients, without having to leave your desk. With email now so ingrained in office life, it’s easy to get complacent with your language, which can give a bad impression to colleagues, customers or clients. Check our advice[...]
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