Five coffee routines for International Coffee Day

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Whether it’s to kickstart the day, take a second to unwind or socialise in a café, it’s no secret that we love our coffee. In fact, 81% of Irish people call themselves coffee drinkers. Since International Coffee Day is this week, we thought it would be a good time to look at our coffee habits. When do we drink coffee and with whom? What kind do we like best?


Of the 95 million cups of coffee that are drunk every day in Ireland, 60% are had at home. However, of the people who drink coffee in cafes, 80% go at least once a week. 16% go every day! This made us curious about our colleagues. We asked five of them about their coffee routines.


Freshly ground beans and a hint of liqueur

For Darina, our Senior Manager of Strategy Deployment, her coffee break ritual depends on the time of day, her mood and the occasion. “In the morning, I like to drink a tasty cappuccino or sit outside in the sun with a latte macchiato. But if I need a real boost, a strong cup of black coffee is perfect.” For Ralf, our Manager of Media Technology, the fun starts earlier. “The smell of freshly ground coffee beans gets me going. My favourite drinks are a strong cup of black coffee or an espresso.” On special occasions, Ralf will go all out and add a drop of liqueur. On average, Ralf drinks about four cups a day, more than the Irish average. “At work, I’ll drink a cup of coffee in the morning and a couple more throughout the day. Then at home, after the kids have cleared the table after dinner, I like to have a nice chat with my wife over a cup of freshly made coffee. Maybe with a biscuit on the side…”


Coffee tastes different alone

Sandra, our Manager of Print Operations, has coffee with her team at 8:30 every morning. At least, she did when they all worked in the office together. “Now, I drink coffee by myself and it tastes a bit different,” Sandra muses. “It turns out my favourite coffee isn’t instant coffee or flavoured espresso, but a coffee shared with good company and stories – and a tasty layer of milk foam!” Irati, our Merchandising Facility Specialist, prefers to begin her morning with little coffee with milk. She needs it to start her day off well. However, coffee can also be a social drink for Irati and during Coronatime, she’s found a good alternative. “If a lot of us are working from home, we plan a regular coffee break via Teams.”


Decaf in the evening

A double espresso in the sun is bliss for Lieke, our Customer Lifecycle Manager. All too often, however, the reality is a rushed cup of instant in the morning during her family breakfast. “During the workday, I probably drink more coffee than is good for me,” Lieke admits. “I’ll make calls on my headset while I walk towards the coffee machine. At the end of the day, I’ll have a cup of decaf after dinner.”


On behalf of the whole Viking team,

Happy International Coffee Day!


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