Upgrade your home office

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In the past couple of months, there has been a great increase in people working from home. There are undoubtedly many advantages to the same. It allows us to save time in traveling to and from the office, save money on associated costs, and spend more quality time with our family and friends. Read on for some home office ideas!

Value your work-life balance

Of course, with the freedom to work from home comes the responsibility of keeping the two worlds of home and office separate. It is easy to go down the rabbit-hole of meetings and work spilling into time you would usually travel back from work.
Conversely, lounging on the couch with Netflix on in the background while working on something important is also not ideal. With this blurring of the division between the two worlds, it increasingly becomes vital to find little ways that we can keep them in equilibrium, and thereby achieve work-life balance.
It is important to have little rituals in place that help you get started for the day and in the afternoon to wind down. For instance, getting a cup of coffee to kickstart the day, or doing a five-minute stretch at the end of the day helps shift our mindset from one to the other. It also helps to have a dedicated workspace at home if possible, so that you do not end up working where you also relax or unwind.

Assess your home office equipment

As our office environments have shifted, so have our requirements! Most of us now have workspaces set up at home to facilitate working more easily. So whether you are newly setting up your home office or simply upgrading some aspects of it, it is essential that you evaluate your particular needs and choose a setup and products that will help you achieve the setup you’re looking for.
No two home offices are the same, and that’s because your home office should be uniquely suited to what makes you tick and be most productive. We work best when we are happy and mentally at peace, so it is important to bring those aspects into designing or upgrading your home office as well. It can be something as small as having your favourite pen handy to take notes with, right up to an ergonomic chair you may need for your back.

Optimise your home office setup

Once you have evaluated your needs, it is time to start researching! It is best to invest in a monitor raiser or arm to get the best angle for viewing the screen(s) for an extended period. You can also get a nice mechanical keyboard to spice up your typing game! If you have a majorly sedentary job, it may also make sense to opt for a standing desk instead, to improve your posture and reduce back pain. In the case that you live with a roommate or partner who also must work from home, consider going for nice bluetooth earphones to block out external disturbances and blast your favourite music while working.
Decorate your setup with some fresh or artificial (don’t worry- we won’t tell anyone) plants and greenery for an added touch of warmth and cosiness. If you have a space with a ton of natural light through the day, consider using it for your home office, as that is a huge mood booster!

Most importantly, don’t forget to make the place your own. No matter how big or small, your work from home setup should make you happy and productive. You can find some home office inspiration here so you can get started on this project!