10 Tips on How to Keep Cool in the Office

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After lots of typically British complaining about how cold of a winter and spring we’ve had: we now switch to whinging about how uncomfortably hot it is and how we wish it could be that little bit cooler. For those of us that are stuck in an office on those sweltering days, being hot and bothered can be a real distraction at work.

Whether you’re stuck at a desk with little to no air conditioning available, or you’re worried about sweating through an important presentation; we’ve got some quick office cooling tips to keep you covered.

1. Cool down your wrists

If you’re sat in the office and feel like you’re about to melt, apply a cold object, such as a bottle of water, over your wrist. This is a part of your body where your blood vessels are close to your skin and the cold bottle will help to cool your blood down, which in turn will help to lower your temperature.

2. Desk fan

To be the envy of your colleagues, why not invest in a desk fan? They come in different sizes, from 6″ to 12″ and provide an immediate cooling down effect.

3. Keep blinds closed

To avoid the room turning into a sauna, be sure to close all blinds/curtains in the office. Doing this will block out the sun and prevent heat from entering the room.

4. Breathe into an ice cup

Fill a cup full of ice and breath into it, this will create a vortex of cool air which will flow back towards you. This can also be great to put in front of your desk fan, helping to create your very own air conditioning system.

5. Wear light clothing

Make sure to stay away from heavy, thick fabrics and opt for lighter clothing, such as cotton. This will allow your skin to breathe and help to keep you cool. Wearing lighter colours is also beneficial as they absorb less heat.


6. Avoid heavy meals

Since digestion uses up a lot of energy, eating a large meal can generate a lot of body heat. Therefore, it’s a good idea to stick to lighter lunches, such as a salad, rather than loading up on big portions of carb-heavy pizza or pasta.

7. Step outside

If you’re feeling hot and flustered, a quick way to get some relief is to simply step outside and stand in the shade for a while. Once you’ve cooled down, you can head back inside and crack on with your work.

8. Stay hydrated

It’s important to top up your liquids throughout the day as your body produces sweat in the heat. Drinking a cold bottle of water will provide some instant cooling for your body, as well as keeping you hydrated.

9. Open the door

It’s not nice to be stuck in a stuffy office, especially if you’re sat at your desk feeling flustered when the windows aren’t creating much of a draft. By opening the doors, whether it be adjoining to another room or an exit door, you can create a through-draft, which will encourage air flow throughout the building.

10 . Spice it up

It’s no coincidence that some of the hottest countries in the world eat the spiciest food. A fiery tortilla may be the last thing you want on a hot sunny day, but eating food that contains chilli can cool you down by making you sweat and lowering your body temperature (even though your mouth may be on fire).

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