Hop to it and Decorate Your Workspace for Easter!

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Have you already painted Easter eggs and hidden them around the office for your colleagues? In less than two weeks, we’ll finally welcome the Easter holidays! That means it’s high time to decorate your workplace accordingly. Seasonal decorations have been shown to lighten the workplace mood, whether at home or in the office. Easter decorations are great for energising people by making them think of Spring. Plus, who doesn’t love chocolate?!

To inspire you, we’ve gathered some sugar-sweet DIY ideas for decorating your workspace for Easter.

1. An Easter bouquet that doesn’t just smell sweet
Delicate spring branches, such as lilacs or willows, arranged with small Easter eggs or bunnies are a real classic. For an extra helping of sugary goodness, you could embellish the bouquet with small sweets.

It’s simple! Arrange the spring branches in a vase of your choice. Remove the top third of the eggs, clean the shell and let it dry. You can then paint them with your favourite colours. Use a ribbon to secure the shells to the branches, then fill them with candy such as Jelly Beans. Voilà! (You can find some other sweet options for your bouquet here).

PS: Since you only need the shells for the bouquet, you can use the eggs to bake yourself a delicious cake!

2. A Flowerpot for Easter

If you have empty PET bottles to reuse, plant some flowers in them for Easter. Remove the label and cut off the bottle’s top. You can now design the lower half. First, prime it with white acrylic paint and let it dry. In the meantime, you can cut out two bunny ears from construction paper, felt or similar material. Then, glue them to the bottle. You can find a selection of art and craft paper here.

Now, your new friend needs a face, some potting soil and some nice flowers. The flowers provide the finishing touch and breathe more life into your workplace. Tulips, daffodils, crocuses or buttercups are particularly suited to spring and bring an extra splash of colour.

As an alternative to the PET bottle, you can also use small vases and design them accordingly. Let your imagination soar!. If you don’t want to make a bunny, paint and embellish your DIY flowerpot with other images. Your creativity should have no limits!

3. Keep it Simple with a Classic Easter Basket
If you want to keep it simple, make a traditional Easter basket. Cut some flexible twigs from a bush and shape them into a small nest. You can use wire, floral wire or even a piece of thread to hold them in place. Then, line the inside of the nest with moss or cotton and fill it with sweets, colourful eggs or little bunnies. If you want to set the bowl in the conference room, it makes sense to fill it with snacks. If you want to make your favourite colleague even happier, you can give them this classic basket with a little gift. How about a new notebook, for example?

Have we awakened your inner hobbyist? Would you like to start decorating your workspace for Easter? From glue to scissors to pens and construction paper, you’ll find everything you need at Viking.