Office Lunches From Around The World

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Know someone who needs office supplies? Share the info!

Lunchtime is your opportunity to take a break from work, socialise with colleagues, and stay refreshed throughout the day. However, not everyone is excited about what they eat once it’s time for their break. People often fall back on having the same food every day, and this causes boredom in lunch choices.

It can be easy to become a creature of habit, so we want to shake up the lunch menus by looking for some inspiration around the world. With a wealth of research out there (including surveys, statistics, and reports) and a little guidance from our international team, we found the typical lunchtime meal from 10 different countries. Let’s see how people across the globe are spending their lunchtimes and get inspired to make a few changes to our own routine.


To find out what typical lunch looks like, we looked at search volume data and arrived at the humble ‘soup and a sandwich’ option. A staple across the UK, leek and potato topped our research for popular soups, and tuna was the most popular sandwich filler. We also seem to need a little midday pepping up, as coffee was the most searched for beverage and Maltesers topped our foray into sugary snacks.


Across the pond, America seems to tuck into something a little more calorific, according to our findings. Pizza was the clear winner, and pepperoni proved to be the most popular topping variety. We also found that a majority of American professionals typically eat lunch at their desk, meaning they may be working through their lunch and not taking the break they need to recharge.


German delis have some of the best sausages you can find, and our research found German workers like to tuck into ‘currywurst’ (curry sausage) once lunchtime rolls around. Punctuality is always important in German society, meaning many workers hit their cafeteria as soon as noon strikes.


In Germany’s neighbour, Austria, people tend to enjoy schnitzel, though you can find them in many styles. Breaded and fried, you can enjoy schnitzel from a thin cut of veal, chicken, beef, turkey, or pork to name just a few.


Home to some of the finest coffee in the world, it was no surprise our research found Italian workers frequently enjoy an espresso to help them get through the day. Known for taking their time to enjoy meals with the freshest ingredients, we welcome an Italian lunch any day of the week.


The French like to tuck into a ham sandwich come break time. It’s known as a Parisian, as it uses slow-cooked ham (called ‘Jambon de Paris’) rather than dry-cured or smoked ham.

The Netherlands

The Dutch lunch is a humble one, with a cheese sandwich, apples, and grapes making for a compact and simple lunch that would be welcome in schools and offices across the country. The Dutch love cheese so much, they eat about 17 kg of cheese per person every year!


Similar to Italian pizzas, this is actually ‘pide’, a type of flatbread traditional in Turkey. Our research found spinach and feta as a popular variety, though you can also enjoy ones made with beef or lamb.


In India, the lunch table is a vibrant and diverse display of flavours. A typical Indian lunch often includes ‘chapati’ or rice paired with an array of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Dals, curries, and various chutneys contribute to a rich and satisfying meal.


A bean stew with beef and pork, ‘feijoada’ is often available at Brazilian barbecue restaurants and takeaways. Look out for it the next time you’re looking for a new lunch spot to bring a South American twist to your break.

We hope you enjoyed our trip exploring lunch around the world. Take some inspiration from these office lunches and make the most of your lunch break!