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  • Top Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Graduate Job

    You’ve spent the last few years working towards your degree – penning countless essays and attending a myriad of lectures and classes – and graduation day is finally here. So, now what? It can seem a little daunting to enter ‘the real world’ after such a long period of study,[...]
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  • Business Success: James Newitt & the Meatsnacks Group

    Last month’s Business Success interview was with Alessandra Sollberger from Evermore. She spoke to us about how her business aims to drive the importance of healthy nutrition. This month, we spoke with James Newitt, Managing Director of the Meatsnacks Group. He spoke to us about what makes them stand out[...]
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  • OFFICE HACKS: 6 Tips for a Greener Office

      Being kinder to the environment is an important responsibility that we all must be held accountable for. A good place to start is by adhering to the “Five Rs”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, and Rethink. From turning off the lights when leaving a room to turning down the temperature[...]
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