Make the most of your long commute

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Commuting to and from work seems like such a tedious task! Most people spend close to an hour a day traveling to their work and back home. It is of course indispensable, but how great would it be if we could utilise that time into doing something fruitful? Read on for some of our helpful tips so that you can spend your travel time in a more deliberate way.

Walking or driving to work

Not everyone is lucky enough to stay within walking or biking distance to work- but in case you are one of the chosen ones, this is a great time to charge up for the day! You can spend this time focusing on your health and this can be a step (or a couple!) towards a healthier lifestyle. It is possible to use this as an impetus to track your steps and climb towards the 10,000 steps per day mantra.
Being out in the fresh air is the perfect way to wake up properly and be surrounded by nature and greenery. In case that is not possible, and you need to walk through parts of the city and mild traffic, observe the sights around you. Is there a nice bakery that you never spotted, or maybe a bookstore that you can check out over the weekend? It’s a great way to be more in touch with your city and find unique little gems that may have been missed.
In case you have a long commute to work, and drive to your office, there are some great ideas as well. It is crucial to remember that it is of utmost importance to be mindful of the road and traffic. If it is safe to do so, there are thousands of podcasts out there that will not only enrich your knowledge on important topics, but listening to them will also be an interesting way to spend the commute. Listening to music can also be a relaxing way to drive to work, as it eases worries and pumps you up about the workday.

Using public transport

Commuting long distances to work can also be made simpler by using public transport. Not only does this free you up to pursue certain activities and upskill, it is also more eco-friendly better for the environment.
Reading is a time-tested and fun way to spend time on a commute. Books are a great way to alleviate boredom, and we learn so much from them. Reading helps reduce stress, improves our creativity and stimulates the mind. Not only that, it hones our writing skills and strengthens our vocabulary.
In case your evenings are busy, you may also decide to use this time to catch up with loved ones via phone or video calls. Use some sleek earphones to get the perfect sound without disturbing others. As long as you do it while respecting (potential) sleeping co-passengers, it’s a great way to unwind after a long day at the office.

Upskill in no time

While traveling by bus or train, you can use up the time by taking up a new hobby like journaling or drawing. This helps in detaching from the day and stress and focusing purely on reflection or creativity. In this manner, you start the day with a huge boost of serotonin, having let out your feelings and trepidations or having applied your creativity to an artwork. Browse through our collection of notebooks to find one that suits your needs. Of course, if you prefer the digital experience, you can opt for a tablet where you can practise your drawing skills or even use it for your journaling.
You might also decide to use this time to learn a language! It may sound impossible, but it is an hour every day that you have at your disposal. Time that would have otherwise gone in napping can be utilised in referring to online resources and inculcating a useful skill.
It could also be beneficial to catch up on some work if you are running behind or have a packed schedule. Perhaps you can start cleaning up your e-mail on the way to work, giving yourself a head start when you get there and allowing you to get started on the day’s tasks right away.
Be careful not to overwork yourself, as it is easy to get burned out. Remember that it’s okay to relax and unwind during the commute so that you reach your destination refreshed and recharged. So which idea are you going to implement in your daily routine?