Do you wish you could head for the horizon? Here’s how to turn a balcony vacation into pure relaxation.

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Travel warnings, infection risks, existential fear – after a year in the grip of the corona pandemic, it’s still dominating normal life. That’s making many people want to look at places to relax and unwind that don’t require long trips: their own apartments. With the sunny season approaching, it’s especially important to set up your home in a way that creates a feel-good atmosphere where both mind and body can relax. We have a few tips on how you can do exactly that.

Set up your environment for trying new things
What makes vacation different from everyday life? Quite simply, its main purpose is recreation, without any obligation or “should-do”. This freedom can even inspire you to experience new things. Whether it’s yoga, an entertaining book or promising recipes, the space offered by staycation can suddenly become a hotspot of exploration. The best way to make that happen is to set up your environment so that the focus is on just one thing: switching off.

Create an oasis of well-being with urban gardening
Staying active and getting fresh air are good options for you. Studies show that nature has a positive effect on mood and physique. So, the best tip for home vacationers may be: activate your green thumbs and create your own garden paradise! You can repot your plants on the terrace or balcony, plant seasonal flowers or vegetables, or even build your own bird feeder. All of these are ways to create something meaningful alongside your relaxation and well-being boost. Urban gardening can lay the foundation for many more relaxing hours in your own oasis. You might even find a circle of brightly feathered guests who come by, pick grains and provide a splendid example of pleasant outdoor recreation.

Redesign your home and shorten your to-do list
Some people relax not by lazing around but by completing projects they care about. These ideas often accumulate on a to-do list long before anything is done to make them happen. A spring staycation offers ideal conditions and the necessary time to get them from idea to reality. One useful tip is to take a critical look at what’s feasible. Then, make a list of everything you want to tackle and start with the simplest of them, whether that’s clearing out the closet or redesigning your home workspace for a better working experience. This last one will help you bring the peace and harmony of your holiday into your work-from-home life after your break.

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