Advent Activities in the Office- 24 Days to a Merry Season!

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The holiday season is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a creative twist on the traditional Advent Calendar! The countdown to Christmas offers a great opportunity to foster team spirit, boost morale, and spread some much-needed cheer. We have listed 24 advent calendar activities that you can enjoy with your colleagues to ring in the most wonderful time of the year!

1. Decorate your workspace
Encourage your colleagues to decorate their workstations or even put up a Christmas tree together as a team to be more festive. It will surely lift everyone’s spirits!

2. Hot Chocolate day
Start your day at the office by sharing some hot chocolate with your colleagues! It’s the perfect way to kickstart the day.

3. Holiday songs playlist
Have the team create and share their favourite holiday playlists. This is not only a great way to nod along to some tunes while working, but also to expand your repertoire of music!

4. Ugly sweater day
Celebrate the season by wearing your favourite ugly sweater that you cannot say goodbye to. That team picture is going to be one for the books!

5. Charity drive
This is not just a time to celebrate, but also look out for the less fortunate. Launch a charity drive at your office and raise money to donate for a worthy cause.

6. Cookie contest
Is your team super competitive? Add a dash of drama to the festive season by having a cookie contest, where everyone brings their favourite cookies. But don’t worry, it’s a win-win, because everyone gets to taste amazing treats!

7. Holiday movie evening
If it’s possible at your workplace, arrange for a projector for a special screening of a classic holiday movie! What a perfect way to get everyone geared up (and maybe also tearing up?)

8. Team-building Kahoot!
A Kahoot! is a great way to foster some team spirit and get everyone excited for the holidays. And make sure to keep some candy as a special prize for the winners!

9. Holiday songs karaoke
If you have musically-inclined colleagues (or not!), why not plan a karaoke session featuring holiday songs? Pro tip- this is a great way to discover hidden talents of your coworkers!

10. Potluck lunch
If you have people from different cultures in the team, this is the perfect opportunity to ask everyone to make a dish they love and share it over a team potluck! This melting pot of cultures is sure to provide warmth from the cold weather.

11. Holiday scavenger hunt
Organise a scavenger hunt in the office, with holiday-themed clues and prizes. This will get everyone moving and in the spirit of the holidays.

12. Book exchange
An unconventional way to celebrate is to have co-workers share books that have inspired them for a heartwarming book exchange.

13. Themed word searches
E-mail your team holiday word search puzzles for them to complete at their leisure. Break time just became so much more fun!

14. Fuzzy socks day
Wear your cosiest and most colourful socks to the office, and ask your team to do the same to beat the chill and have a silly time.

15. Snowman drawing competition
Have a drawing competition with your team, wherein they can draw their rendition of a snowman on the whiteboard! In case you have a company newsletter, take pictures for posterity.

16. Recipe swap
Exchange and compile favourite holiday recipes from your team to create a shared cookbook!

17. Movie quotes challenge
Are your teammates movie buffs? Test your team’s knowledge of famous holiday movie quotes in a quiz.

18. DIY ornament crafting
It may be a fun idea to set up a crafting station with supplies for employees to make ornaments and take them home!

19. Acts of kindness
Dedicate this day to volunteering or performing acts of kindness as a team.

20. Virtual escape room challenge
For remote teams, enjoy a virtual escape room challenge to hone your collaborative problem-solving skills.

21. DIY a Christmas card
Design holiday cards using coloured paper, pens, ribbons, and more to share with friends and family!

22. Attitude of Gratitude
Set up a gratitude jar in the office, where employees can drop notes of appreciation and positivity for their colleagues.

23. A year in photos
Collect and display photos from your teammates around the office that capture the year’s moments, both big and small.

24. Christmas Eve breakfast
Share a warm Christmas Eve breakfast with your colleagues before enjoying your time off during the holidays.

These are just some Christmas countdown ideas you can use to celebrate the holiday season at your workplace. They will surely add a festive atmosphere and improve team morale. Don’t forget to add a bit of your own creativity and imagination to make the events more suited to your colleagues!

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