Fitness at Work

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It may seem tough to squeeze in workouts throughout our hectic week due to demanding schedules. The idea of preparing a gym bag, trudging to the local gym, working out, bathing, changing, then slogging back home takes a lot of time and effort.
Nevertheless, no matter how packed your workweek is, you aren’t doing yourself a favour by disregarding your health. Your productivity and efficiency at work may suffer if you neglect to exercise, since you’re compromising both your physical and mental health.

Why fitness matters

It is the little things that matter in life. Sometimes, one hour may make all the difference between a productive day and one that is wasted: an hour’s worth of more sleep, an hour’s worth of exercise, or an hour’s worth of focused work can make a significant difference in how you work and live. It is easy to get caught up in the rigmaroles of daily life, and in this way, we often end up unintentionally ignoring our health. Our mind and body need nourishment to keep up and excel at everything we throw at them.
If our daily routine does not have a couple of hours of movement and fitness built into it, it is just a matter of time before we are more prone to physical ailments. Getting in some rigorous exercise can keep us feeling young at heart and rejuvenated. Of course, the question then arises- how do we make time for it?

Making simple switches

There are many ways to implement healthier options into our life. Simple switches are often key between success and failure.
For instance, if you live close to work (and if it’s safe), it may be a good idea to walk or commute by bike rather than driving. It is a very simple way to add movement to your routine. Not just that, incorporating little walks throughout your working day may be a nice and spirited way to add a little change from staring at the laptop the whole time. In case you work from home, this will also give you an excuse to go for a walk outside and soak in some sunshine and fresh air.
If you work in an office with multiple storeys, it may be an option to choose stairs over elevators. This simple switch allows you to include some activity in your day without putting in much effort or extra time.

At your desk

There are plenty of options to incorporate fitness even while at your desk. You may decide to opt for a sit-stand desk in order to avoid sitting for long periods of time. Alternatively, you may try some simple stretches to give your muscles a workout. There are plenty of stretches that relieve your pain and stiffness while boosting your energy and alertness.
Workplace fitness also does not have to be an endeavour that you undertake alone. It is likely that you are not the only one in your office trying to fit a workout within a busy schedule. In case you know colleagues who are also enthusiastic in maintaining and improving their health, try to do activities with them! For instance, at Viking, some teams have bi-weekly fitness sessions conducted by a professional instructor. These online and in-person sessions not only encourage them to stay fit, but also makes it very fun as they do this with their friends and co-workers.
No matter what you decide to do, it should be something that works for you and keeps you consistent. Living a balanced and healthy life does not require heavy machinery or expensive subscriptions. It is about finding little ways to make a big difference.