Make 2023 Your Most Productive Year

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We must all have said “New year, new me!” at some point, right? Whether it is a stern promise to eat healthily, work out regularly or perhaps read more frequently, we tend to make grand resolutions every single year. We vow to change our routines and habits, sometimes not even caring about how realistic the resolutions actually are. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why we fail to fulfil them – year after year. If you need a little inspiration on how to set attainable, realistic goals for yourself this year (and to how be more productive throughout the year), we have compiled a comprehensive list of worthwhile new year’s resolutions for you.

Bullet Journaling

Of course, no new year’s resolution is complete without an unwavering dedication to plan your year properly. If you are also wondering how to work more efficiently by keeping your life organised, you should take a look at Bullet Journaling! Bullet Journaling is a highly versatile and fun method of organising your life, while also letting your creativity shine. With only a dot grid on the page, bullet journals are almost blank notebooks, having no template to guide you. But that is the fun part, because it means that you can completely customise the pages and tailor the journal for your own goals and plans. You can create different sections, including but not limited to weekly or monthly calendars, emotion or goal tracker, as well as notes sections. To start off on bullet journaling, you can check out the dotted notebooks & notepads among our assortment and find the perfect bullet journal. So set aside some time, grab your coloured pens and stickers, and get to creating your personalised planner for the year! It’s a great way to make planning and organisation fun, which will help you to stick to your plans and habits all year long.


Another classic resolution is working out more in the new year. Let’s face it, we have all been there: you go to the gym perhaps regularly in January, but then your motivation, as well as your visits to the gym, just fizzles out over time. But this year you can make exercising a lifestyle, rather than seeing it as a requirement that you need to fulfil. How? Incorporate exercising into your daily routine, and take it beyond the gym! One way to do it is finding small windows of time where you can exercise throughout the day, even at work. Need some tips on how to exercise during the day? Check out our blog “Fitness at Work” for great exercises you can carry out in the office! Not only can they be carried out at your desk, but they also boost your focus and performance. If you are wondering how to be more productive at work, give fitness a chance!

Mental health

Our mental health is as important as our physical wellbeing, and should be on the forefront of our 2023 resolutions. We don’t have to have a serious complaint to start taking care of our psychological wellbeing; after all, we all experience considerable amounts of stress during our day-to-day lives. Luckily, there are a myriad of simple ways that you can start taking your mental health seriously. The most important considerations are perhaps getting enough sleep at night, planning some time apart for your hobbies and eating healthily. If you are an avid social media user, you can also try to have some time away from the addictive apps (or your phone!) , and devote the time you are taking off to self-care. If questions of how to stay productive all day are puzzling you, then you’ll notice that staying away from distractions such as social media is a great way to do that! Still, self-care might mean different things for everyone: for some it is going on a walk with some good music, for some it is getting professional psychological support. Whatever it might look like for you, make sure that you do what makes you feel good, and do it regularly.
These are just some examples of realistic new year’s resolutions, but what you want to incorporate into your new year is entirely up to you! Whatever resolutions you might have in mind, make sure to keep them attainable. Only then you can break the vicious cycle of failure, and make 2023 your most productive year yet!