Make the most of summer
at your office!

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Good weather is here, and if you’re still at the office, you perhaps need some tips to drive away the heat and make the most of the summer! We have thought about ways that you can add some summer vibes to your workspace without going on an expensive vacation or taking time off work. If this sounds good, then read on!

Utilise the opportunity to spend time outside

No matter whether you are working from home or office, you can enjoy the weather and all the perks it brings. Take advantage of your breaks by enjoying refreshing walks outdoors. This not only adds some activity to an otherwise sedentary day, but also sweeps away the mental cobwebs. Add some much-needed Vitamin D to your day and step outside.
It may also be an idea to enjoy your lunch outside. Take this opportunity to explore some cafes near your workplace and spend some time unwinding. Conversely, you can also take your packed lunch and enjoy it in the sunshine with your colleagues. Utilise your office gazebo to relax and listen to music on your breaks. There is no better way than this for getting away from a computer screen or paperwork!
If at all possible, shift your working hours around to make the most of the sunshine. Perhaps start work an hour earlier so that you can head home in time to enjoy some outdoor activities. In case your workload does not allow you to do this, consider biking to and from work. This simple shift adds a lot of value (and sunshine) to your day.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is key in the summer. As our body loses fluid through sweating, drinking water helps in keeping the minerals balanced and flushing out the toxins easily. One of the best parts about summer is the excuse to try out new and fun drinks.
There are ways to make this usually boring act of staying hydrated more summery. Why not add a couple of slices of lemon and mint to your chilled water and enjoy some rejuvenating goodness? There are many other fruits and even herbs you can add to your regular water and enjoy some replenishing drinks.
This is also the perfect time to explore some iced versions of your favourite hot drinks. Experiment with recipes and create iced lattes and chilled coffees to start your workday refreshed! You can also enjoy some fresh smoothies at work for breakfast made with your favourite fruits.
You can also plan some frozen treat Fridays for your team to enjoy some chilled drinks or even ice cream. This is a great way to boost morale and make the most of the hot months. This also enhances productivity, so drop the pens and pick up some scoops!

Make your office space pop!

It is no secret that our workspace affects our mood, and even productivity. A cluttered desk may lead to procrastination and fatigue throughout the day. So take this opportunity to brighten up your desk and add some summer vibes to it. Perk up your desk with accessories from the Leitz WOW collection that adds a pop a colour to your surroundings!
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