Take the first step towards being sustainable!

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Earth Day is right around the corner, so let’s celebrate it by sharing some tips on being more sustainable! 22nd April is celebrated as Earth Day around the world as a way to raise awareness about being more sustainable and to participate in community clean-up projects. This is a way to be more mindful of our actions, and to mobilise group clean-up activities. Discover some tips about how you can have a more positive impact on your surroundings!

Small actions have a big impact

Did you know that shutting down a computer when it’s not in use cuts the energy consumption by 85 percent? We all can do small things every day to help conserve resources. We only have limited resources on this planet, and it is critical to conserve all that we can.
For instance, when leaving a meeting room, be sure to turn off the lights! It is important to conserve energy where you can by using only what you need. For offices with a medium-traffic washroom, it often makes sense to install motion-sensor lighting so as to save electricity. Water is also a limited natural resource, and we should avoid keeping taps running when not in use.

It may be a fun idea to consult some colleagues and organise some Earth Day activities for work. This may be a drive to clean up parks around your office, or even a walkathon to raise money for non-profit organisations that help save our planet.

Know your labels

As we become more technologically advanced, being mindful of what we buy and promote as consumers becomes easier. Just being aware and decisive already helps us make the right choices.
An environmental claim can be simply thought of as a statement, symbol, or graphic that indicates an environmental aspect of a product, a component, or packaging. These claims may be made about any phase of a product’s life cycle, including its production, packaging, delivery, use, consumption, and disposal. Claims may be made evident in communication materials like websites, news articles, social media posts, etc. by using symbols, logos, or statements. Learning more about the various environmental claims helps one make more informed decisions.

How we do it

Sustainability is a significant subject at Viking. We are dedicated to listening to our partners, our communities, and our people. In order to fulfil our commitments and improve the world, we will also take steps to raise the standards of everyone we work with. We are continually improving and committed to do our bit for our blue planet. And therefore, at Viking, you will find our environmentally friendly assortment of products.
With more than 90,000 businesses rated each year, EcoVadis is the top rating organisation for environmental, social, and ethical performance worldwide. For our accomplishments in CSR, we received the EcoVadis Silver Medal in 2022. This achievement demonstrates the company’s overall dedication to enhancing our sustainability performance.

Sustainability is not just a topic for Earth Day, but significant throughout the year. Around our Venlo campus, we have electric charging points for vehicles in the car park. This simple step helps us be sustainable in driving to work.
We hope this inspires you to come up with your own ideas for Earth Day! We urge you to take some time to reflect on these points and do your bit as an individual and a business to be more sustainable.