Ways to keep cool in the office during summer

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Now that summer is here, you are probably looking for some simple solutions to staying cool in your (home) office! With the mercury rising, there is a scramble for finding ways to keep comfortable in the heat. And we are here to help you in your quest! Read on for some helpful tips on staying cool as a cucumber while you work.

Stay hydrated!

This seems so obvious- and yet, it is often overlooked. In the summer we sweat more, and it becomes harder for our body to maintain our essential vitamins and minerals without proper hydration. So do your physical and mental health a favour, and drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. If you have a hard time keeping track of your intake, install an app on your phone or have a water bottle with measurements so that you can stay on top of your routine.
Another way of keeping cool in the summer is by experimenting with some fun ways to stay hydrated. You can use this opportunity to try out new drinks, and have a fun time with your colleagues swapping delicious recipes! Try to avoid heavy meals as they make us feel bloated and hot. Instead, opt for simple dishes that are easy on the stomach and help us feel more energetic.

Being sustainable about office cooling

During heat waves, it is natural to turn towards fans or air conditioners for office cooling. And of course, they are quick and effective solutions in hot weather. However, there are also more sustainable and eco-friendly ways to stay chill. If it gets too hot in the office and you work in a well-ventilated space, it may be a good idea to open the windows strategically. This helps the office space stay cool and breezy.
Remember to keep the blinds closed when the sunlight is shing in, as that can help cool down a space significantly. It is also a good practice to turn off devices that you are not using and unplug them, as they may unnecessarily add to the heat in the room.
If you tend to run hot, keep an ice pack in the fridge that you can place on your pulse points on particularly hot days to cool down quickly. For the frequent snackers out there, there is a fun possibility to freeze fruits and have them as a refreshing snack!

Using the right tools for keeping cool in the summer

While working in an office, it is essential to have the proper tools at your disposal to stay productive and comfortable. If your laptop heats up quickly, it is advisable to invest in a laptop riser to keep your device working optimally.
Rather than large machines that guzzle electricity, go for alternate methods that are also quite effective. Portable hand fans are rapidly gaining popularity, as they can be charged via USB, and are nifty tools that you can keep at your desk for instant cooling.
With the seasons changing, there is no reason to let the sun get you down! Wear light and breathable fabrics that are soft on the skin. And don’t forget to keep some moist wipes within arm’s reach to stay relaxed and fresh. So are you ready to beat the summer heat?