What to gift your office Secret Santa

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With the holiday season approaching fast, the pressure is on to find nice gifts for colleagues to show your appreciation for them! Or perhaps your team celebrates Secret Santa, where you need to find a suitable gift for your colleague within a specified budget. It is always a struggle to find Secret Santa ideas for the workplace, so don’t worry and get your holiday spirit on. We have compiled the perfect list for you- so that you can find the best office Secret Santa ideas ever, within budget! Read on for some helpful tips and tricks.

Low-budget finds

It is often difficult to find quality gifts in a good budget, but you can never go wrong with a sweet and delicious surprise! Do some research into the snacking preferences of the colleague whose name you have drawn for Secret Santa, and you can personalise your sweet or savoury treat to their choice. Most people love receiving chocolates, and especially in the office, as they can be enjoyed over time as work snacks as well.

Mid-range goodies

If the budget decided is a bit higher and you can pick and choose something based on your colleague’s hobbies, there are different directions you can go. In case they are planners and love to schedule their days and weeks in advance, you can consider gifting them planners or organisers so that they can plan out their life in style.

In case the person you are buying for is an artist or even likes to draw as a hobby, a nice set of fineliners is a great gift. It will allow them to do more of what they love, and appreciate you more for remembering this detail about them.

These gifts are also a great idea for your coworkers who are into artistic journaling, and they can start the new year on the right foot with new and sleek tools. Who doesn’t appreciate some nice stationery, right?

High-end presents

If your team does not have very strict restrictions on budget, or you’re looking for something truly special for your coworker, you can opt for headphones. They are a helpful and thoughtful gift that will make your colleague truly happy and of course, if they are noise-cancelling, you will soon be crowned the best Secret Santa ever!

Bluetooth mice are a great gift that are not only extremely useful, but also help your colleague stay ergonomically safe. Using bad mice can take a toll on one’s health and may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Choose from a variety of stylish mice as the perfect gift.

A fun idea for a present is also gift hampers that offer an assortment of goodies. In a time crunch, or when you are unsure what your colleague would prefer, these are still thoughtful gifts that can be enjoyed by everyone. They are also great as employee gifts or vendor appreciation tokens!

These presents are bound to be a hit in your office, and make shopping for gifts super easy. Now that you have some nice ideas for presents, how should you wrap them? Check out the beautiful assortment of wrapping paper that we offer in order to wrap your presents to perfection. Which gift are you planning to surprise your colleague with?